I want to be able to dislike something without anyone accusing me of something!

So lately it seems If you dislike something you have some kind of Agenda. You are labeled a hater, a bigot, a misogynist,  a conservative, a liberal.. you name it. They want to label you to invalidate your argument.


Let's go over some of the shit out there as examples. Donald Trump... I don't like him because he's crazy. He talks out of his ass and is clueless on so many things. He's really dangerous. My opinion based on facts I've seen.


Regarding the  movie Batman V Superman I didn't like it. I dislike Zach Snyder as a director. I didn't like his take on Superman. I did not enjoy all the murdering done by both B and S ... I did not pay to see the film because of the trailers. Trailers are made  to get me excited about the movie.. his made me mad. I based my opinion on facts. It's OK to disagree. But to invalidate me by saying I'm a DC hater... yeah no. I love DC.. I  don't feel the same for the Zach Snyder DC murderverse.


About Bernie Sanders. I like him because I also lean Democrat. I like his ideas about spending and his thoughts on how there are way to many  people in the government having their strings pulled. I also like Hillary. Yes she's establishment, but I would still consider her in the general election over Captain Crazy pants. I think people who say they want to stay home if Bernie isn't there in November,  might end up giving an Evil man the most powerful position in the world. I have the right to say that's stupid. 

Then there is Ghostbusters. I loved the Ghostbusters. I watched both movies in the theatres as a child. They are the highlight of my childhood growing up in Hollywood. I love the Saturday morning cartoons. They stayed close to the reference material but gave me more stories to enjoy. The 3rd movie has been stuck in development hell for so many years. When the New movie was announced with a female cast I reset my expectations. I did that not becauseveryone they were all women. It didn't matter to me, as long as they stayed true to the reference material, I was cool. GUESS WHAT... the next words from the director and the studio was.. it's a "reboot"... New universe, the old movies never happened.. the cartoon never happened ... the video game storyline didn't happen. This pissed me off. Then they release a trailer mentioning the 4 scientists.. they show the firehouse.. Double no. You don't get to do that and still call it a reboot. I want this movie to do badly because you should not be rewarded for ruining things. This was my opinion based on facts and an Official Trailer. You don't get to negate my opinion by calling me a woman hater.

Social Justice warriors have agendas too. They refuse to let facts get in the way of their beliefs.. Sound familiar? Right, It's the same argument used by lots of people on the other side of most modern arguments. When you ignore facts... that alone invalidates your opinion.

So.. fuck it.. I'm gonna go through life, making decisions based on facts.. If you don't well that's your problem..

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OH shit.. Idle hands can be a bitch

Fucking Friday.... and a grand hello to you. I started this site so I can practice using cloud services to hose websites. But this ait a tech page. This is a vent page.. so Im gonna say some shit that will offend among other things. As stuff pops into my brain, Ill take the time to post that right here. So yeah that. 





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